Synod Members

Synod Members play a key role in the success of our Synod Journey. It is they who will gather in June 2021 to reflect on the proposals and agree a way forward, but their crucial role of listening and discernment begins in their local communities many months before the Synod event.

Synod Members are tasked with listening, reflecting and discerning. They are asked to find ways of listening to the concerns, needs and reflections of their communities and to ‘re-present’ these to the Synod where they will be gathered together, in a coherent fashion.

Synod Members are called to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit guiding the life and mission of the Church in this place and time. After reflection and discernment the main themes from the local conversations will emerge. These will be added to the other models of discerning and listening. Synod members will take these themes back to their communities where they will begin to formulate the concrete proposals upon which the Synod gathering will vote in June 2021.

Synod Members are not expected to have any prior theological knowledge or expertise for this important role but personal commitment, preparation, prayer, being open to guidance, and enthusiasm are crucial to it.