These articles, letters, reports, and resources have been produced over the course of our Synod Journey to share updates, progress, and news as we travel towards 2020.

Pastoral Letters

Archbishop Malcolm has written a series of Pastoral Letters throughout our Synod Journey beginning with the letter of October 2017 announcing that he was to convoke a Archdiocesan Synod to be held in 2020. All of these letters are available here to read, listen to, or download.

Pastoral Letter, Synod Sunday 2018
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Pastoral Letter, Advent 2017
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Pastoral Letter, October 2017

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Paving the way towards 2020 (from the Catholic Pic, May 2018)

Synod 2020: A New Vision (from the Catholic Pic, January 2018)

Holy Hours

In April, May, and June 2018 Archbishop Malcolm led a series of Holy Hours around the diocese in preparation for the Synod. The Liturgy Booklet for those Holy Hours, including the Archbishop's reflections on the road to Synod, is available here.